Friday, April 2, 2010

6 days to go!

Oh Dear!
It really does seem that as time runs out, things to do increase.  I wonder if its a scientific rule? -
time > = activities < = 1 stressed body! :)

We are enjoying a few days with family here at Mum and Dads.  We have had one of mums brothers and his wife here which has been lovely, as we don't see each other a great deal.  My sister also arrived yesterday, and two other aunts will be here today. We have a couple of birthdays to celebrate over this weekend.

Samuel has been very busy (what else can i expect really?).
He spent 4+ days in Lismore this past week, and will be working there tomorrow (Saturday), and next Tuesday/Wednesday.  I am hoping he wont have much to do on Thursday - The day we drive up to Brisbane!
Ive been reasonably busy too.  We had a few good days of (Rainbow Road) school, trying to knock off a few workbooks with Serenity, so we can carry less over to East timor.  I've also re-sorted our gear for the 3rd time in the last 2 months.

Minimising stuff to take, arranging various boxes/bags for
a) op shop
b) storage
c) warm clothing etc for 3 week return visit in June
d) extra school stuff  etc for pick up in June
d) stuff to take now.

But in spite of all the busyness there is lots to be grateful for.
  • Mum and Dads extreme patience with us living here
  • Really good health for all four of us
  • A random call from the gov child dentist a few weeks ago which meant a free checkup for serenity, and amazingly being able to fit in 2 appointments before we go, to fill all the holes she found!
  • Finding my phone which i had thought had been lost on the trip to Sydney (it had slipped into a side pocket on the laptop bag)
  • many friends, family and acquaintances praying for us, and encouraging us to continue.
  • and (of course) simply thankful for Gods presence.

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