Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mayhem and Tranquility

1 sleep to go!

My brain is in overload... take this, do that, go there, see them, pay this, ring him, don't forget to.... ah...  um...what was it again?

These are some of the more positive things i can look forward to...
Peaceful sunsets admiring Gods gorgeous exterior colour schemes, sifting through pastel coloured pebbles, making small piles of white ones, finding the odd shell, watching the hand dug outrigger canoes land after a days fishing, chatting with fellow foreigners who may be visiting the beach, watching Serenity and Israel play for hours with the kids from next door.   
Also have to mention the lovely neighbours, the constant supply of fresh tropical fruits available (including yummy coconuts picked by the young boys next door whenever we request one).
Hmmm sounds nice hey.. 
I might just keep these thoughts forefront at the moment. ;)
A piece of tranquility.

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