Friday, April 9, 2010

In flight

We have finally made it to the airport.  Of course, the car just had to die today!  It completely stopped leaving us stranded at Ulmarra on the highway.  Thanks so much to an angel (aka Cynth's dad who came to our rescue).  We bought a new battery and filter and threw in a bit of clean diesel, gave it a tow down the road and we were off again. (Having lost a precious 2 hours and $230 on a very busy day ... Praise the Lord!)  So we have rushed around heaps but are now sitting in the airport and about to leave so what's packed in our bag is what we are taking and I think its going to be a bit of a surprise at the other end as to what actually made it in our bags.  Thanks to so many who have contributed to make this possible.  Thanks to Steve and Leila of Grafton Paddle Sports who sourced some cheap mossie nets to hand out and to Ken Halgarth from Maclean chemist who gave us a generous discount on medical supplies.

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