Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thank you, Amy!

Amy with 2 budding scientists: Israel and Xakira

Over the last three months we have had assistance from Amy. Amy came over to assist with Serenity and Israel’s schooling while Cynthia managed the house and cared for Kaiyil. We appreciated her joyful and peaceful approach. There are few like her who have the courage to come to a country like this in order to help. We encourage other young people not to forget that God sends us to love and care for others wherever people may be across this planet. Lift your eyes and look beyond the horizon of the world you know to other worlds that are not so far away.

Amy got to go on some cool trips to places like this waterfall in Ermera

Monday, March 21, 2016

Putting on the Roof

It was a big week for the Beto Training Centre. This week we received delivery of a high quality roof from East Timor Roofing.

Ian and crew unloading the roof.

We also had a visit from a couple of guys from Gold Coast & Kingscliff in Australia to help install the roof. I’d like to thank the person who made a major contribution for the purchase of the roof.
I’d also like to thank Rob who organised things in Australia (but took a fall and couldn’t make it). Also a big thanks to Ian, a talented man, who was brave enough to come and try his hand at roofing. And also thanks to Shaun from NewLine Creations who volunteered his time and expertise to guide us all on the job. Everyday I was thankful to God that there were no major accidents or falls through this stage of the work. In fact the biggest battle we had was with the heat and glare from the roof. We drank gallons of water spiked with a variety of salts, sugars and apple cider vinegar.

Shaun preparing the valley.

Roof taking shape

It is simply incredible the difference it makes to have a roof on this place. Somehow it makes the end look achievable and it means that we can all work in the shade and out of the rain. Next week, Anen and the crew will finish off the roof with the skills they learnt and then focus on getting the women’s sewing group into the training centre.

Drinking iced tea from a plastic bag!

Apoli really appreciated learning new skills

Roof nearly done.

Some of the crew - thanks guys!