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Belekria - is a sewing group/small business set up by Cynthia. It is based in a neighbours house and currently employs five local women.  

Dili institute technology - tetun language courses
We have seen people arrive in timor with no knowledge of tetun, who after doing a few weeks/months of these courses can communicate adequately with the locals.  Highly reccomend it!
They also sell language books; the English/Tetun dictionary which is really useful!
and the Peace corps Tetun language course book, which we also highly reccomend.  We have found these two books very useful in helping us to improve in speaking and understanding Tetun.

etan tetun books available

Barry's Place/Neema's Lodge  - Barry on Atauro island  7236 085

atauro island eco resort

A great site with info on walking tracks across East Timor

east timor now - website with amazing photos

AwesomeTimor underwater photography

accomodation options

or this one  easttimor-timorleste for a long list of options

compass adventure tours do boat trips to Atauro etc

tourism assoc.

motorbike tours

motorbike tours

short travel stories by tourists to East Timor

Timor tide chart

Timorese map website - government?

East Timor Aussie embassy

recent earthquakes near East Timor



More beautiful photos (by Joel Santos)


Tweed Heads Salvation Army

Sherwood Cliffs Christian rehab