Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hi guys,
Well its 5 days into our arrival and we think we have found what Samuel considers the perfect bomb truck - its a dual cab toyota that allows all the family to get in the cab as well as carry some serious gear around including poly pipe, tank, cement and a team of people.  What do you think?  What sort of trouble could Samuel get into with this?  For those of you who are long term Bacon followers you might remember the last car we had caught on fire and the car before that seemed to get us involved in some sort of stolen vehicle/mafia fiasco.  Stay tuned.

Samuel putting mozzie screens on the windows of our home - bit of a life and death sort of business when it comes to mozzies.  Note the Salvation Army shield - we finally got the Salvos into East Timor (Well this is as good as it gets)

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