Friday, June 29, 2012



A couple of weeks ago Israel thought that it would be nice to have a baby brother or sister.  So the three of them said a little prayer and now Cynthia is pregnant.  Hence, I really don’t think that it has much to do with a stork.

Israel is not sure whether he wants a boy or a girl.  He reasons that a sister would be less annoying (as he seems to be aware that he is annoying) but then a brother should mean more cars to play with.  Serenity would like a sister so she can do girly stuff with her like brushing hair.  This will be child number 3 and if all goes well it will be seven years since Israel was born, Serenity will be 13 and its about 17 years after we were married.

We are not sure yet where Cynthia would give birth.  We’ll have to ask a few questions down at the embassy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Meeting in “Seeds of Change” Centre

     The discipleship group called Seeds of Change led by Sese have been working very hard over the last few weeks to build their new centre.  A local Timorese YWAM team came and helped with the construction and were a great encouragement to the group.  A church in Sydney has agreed to fund the construction of the building so it can be completed and we are very thankful for their support.  It is hard to balance the worship of God with the whole money issue but God is good and knows what we need and knows how to provide.  In the movie here, Sese describes his vision for the place.  The tin roof was just put on so here they have their very first meeting in the new building.  There is still a way to go in construction.  Sese has left now to go to England for around 7 months to raise funds for this organisation.  He has contracted a local builder to help the group finish the building and has also arranged the purchase of most of the materials.

You might notice that he mentions doing computer training here.  If someone has access to used laptops (that actually work) we would welcome them.  They basically need to run Microsoft Word, excel and powerpoint.
We also got to attend a baptism with the Victory Family Centre.  Here a dynamic Sri Lankan preacher baptises an African with John (Australian) the MAF pilot in the black shirt waiting to baptise two of his sons.
And some Aussies theatre actors have come over to develop a play with the Timorese.  They are doing this on the island and booked Tobias to take them over.  In this photo, unknown to us, he is happily hooking up the fuel line backwards.  He had just enough fuel to get out into the ocean a ways before the motor conked out.  Unfortunately he couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I grabbed some flippers and went out to him – not my smartest move (but then, not my dumbest either).  After drifting along a while we finally got the boat going.