Monday, March 29, 2010


OK, so we have now officially packed 1 bag.  Its our largest one, and so far it weighs 22kgs, full of Samuels clothing, medical supplies and 1 set of flippers/snorkel.  We were able to purchase a large metal boxed first aid kit from ALDI (Gotta love their prices!).  So we have added to that to make it an awesome first aid kit, and then we have two other plastic shopping bags full of other stuff - like vitamins and mozzie repellents and sunscreen and all my homeopathic remedy's etc.  Im sure we will use a lot of it on our neighbours, and when we do mountain visits (sometimes while we deliver bibles or on water project trips we get asked to help ease a bad toothache or infected wound).  You may be interested to know that i use isocol (rubbing alcohol) on Serenity and Israels skin as a mozzie repellent.  I also use a bit of Vicks or the cheaper Indonesian versions.  they seem to work really well, and are nicer on their skin then RID etc.  We will arrive after the end of the wet season, so i am hoping the mozzies wont be too bad.

We are generally reluctant to use anti malarial tablets, however  Samuel has bought some Doxycylcin and i am going to firmly "encourage" him to take them daily.  I think his body needs a break from malaria.  Although of course Dengue has no preventative medicine, except perhaps regular doses of paw paw leaf and flowers.

So that is where prayer is really important.  Please pray for protection from serious illnes, and strength of body to resist and heal quickly.

I thought you may like to see this cool rainbow leaf smiley face.  On our recent trip south, we camped by a creek in a state forest, and the kids and me collected lots of different coloured leaves - From a pure deep green, right through to red/purple.  Serenity was inspired to create a face with some seed pod eyes :)

Gods creation is pretty awesome hey?

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