Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tweed Heads Salvos

I just found the website for Tweed Head Salvation Army.  They are planning to bring a team over to us in  East Timor in early July.  They have 8 people planning to come.  They are really excited about the whole trip, and the whole church is supporting them, with a fund raising team, a prayer team  etc read more.  They already have $5000 raised and we hope to be able to purchase a small truck.  We could use this to transport supplies for water projects, carry people, bibles and other supplies to remote areas, we could also offer its use to other mission organisations, and even hire it out to help bring in an income.  We hope to employ a Timorese man as the driver.
If you are in the Tweed Heads area you may like to support their latest fund raising  concert.

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