Monday, March 15, 2010

Tickets purchased!

Well we have finally purchased some tickets to fly to Dili on the 9th April.  We had been trawling the various airline websites over the weekend looking for the cheapest connecting flights.

We are still waiting for Serenity's new passport to arrive, but it should get here this week.

We put together an updated photo/card to hand out to interested people at the churches we visit.  Heres a preview:

The sunrise picture in the background was a photo taken by Darryll Smidt (from the Grafton Salvos) when he visited East Timor last Easter.  The beach is behind the house where we will live.  It really is beautiful.  Your welcome to come over for a tropical relax sometime... snorkelling, swimming, eating fresh coconuts and pineapples...sounds great hey?

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