Sunday, March 28, 2010

packing and prayers

Oops, i forget to update on Serenity's passport.... It arrived! (Thanks to God)

Countdown continuing...11 days to go.
Yesterday we purchased lots of medical supplies, both for ourselves and for our first aid kit, which is proving quite large.   I am also starting to make more serious "piles" of what we will take.  I'm feeling more relaxed this time in regards to packing.  I know now what things i can purchase over there easily, such as second hand clothing, and ointments similar to tigar balm and vicks.  It also helps knowing we will be home for 3 weeks in June.  It means i only need to take minimal school items for serenity, and i can restock/exchange books etc when we return.

We had our last Sunday at our church (Grafton Salvation Army) this morning. And Samuel spoke at my mum and dads church (Maclean baptist church) this evening.  It was lovely to hear from so many people that they will pray for us!  What a blessing to be supported in that way by so many.

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