Friday, July 20, 2012

Back to Normal … ish

Whatever normal is – I think that is what we are going back to.  Things re calming down a lot.  We still take care and I’m reluctant to be travelling on the main road into Dili but things are certainly looking a lot better.  Thank God and a big thanks to all the security forces both local and international.  It has been encouraging to have a small disturbance come under control.  I think it gives hope to the nation that when things go wrong they don’t necessarily have to go really nasty.

We’ll have a lot of visitors over the next few weeks.  Nick is looking into starting a helicopter service with MAF and the Ministry of Health.  A linguistics lady is coming to see how she can learn Tetun and help here.  Cynthia’s rellies are coming which will be a big encouragement to us all.  And my good buddy, Rohan, is coming to help the Japanese start a biogas project. 

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