Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trip to Los Palos

Over the next few weeks, Graham and Lynelle and Arlene (Cynthia’s rellies) are staying with us.  We just came back from our main trip through Baucau, Los Palos and Com with a mix of sight seeing, aid and mission work.  It was a great opportunity to see the country of East Timor.  We stayed overnight in Baucau which is well known here for its old Portuguese buildings that are still fairly unrepaired.  I made a quick sidetrip early in the morning of the second day to inspect a biogas project coming up and get the Timorese digging a hole.

Then we went on to the east and pulled in to a side road going up the mountains to survey a new water project.  It is a very small spring which flows at about 5L/min or 7000L/day.  They hope to pipe it about 750m with polypipe to a small cluster of houses from which about 20 households will collect water.

Up in Los Palos we got to check out the foundations for a youth accommodation centre that Pastor Samuel is building.  This may become a new pastor’s house for 12 months as a young Timorese pastor couple are just returning from training in Indonesia and will live with Samuel and Uli for a year to get some experience. 

We also met with Lino the corn farmer and inspected his corn storage, mill and field.  We made a screen to seive out small kernels for selling corn seed and showed him how to use it.

We were glad to be back home after being out on the road for 4 days.  Thank God for safe travel.

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