Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An update

We went home early from work yesterday around concerns of increased trouble in the streets.  We only heard one burst of gun fire last night which was encouraging.  Unfortunately, a youth was killed in Hera by police yesterday in circumstances that could be questionable.  His body has been brought to Dili in a demonstration hoping for some sort of justice.  Fretilin is blaming the disturbance on some senior government officials comments about CNRT existing before Fretilin back in the 70’s – this does not justify the damage of vehicles and burning of houses.  We hope the police will act in a restrained way and that people will calm down.  We’ll continue to lay low.  Normal activities, like buying groceries are low on the agenda.  For those who plan to come to East Timor in the next week or two – keep in touch.

here’s an average link from Sydney Morning Herald:


on a seperate subject:  A gardener was digging the flower bed outside the Government Palace and found some human bones.  72 bodies later, and he’s still digging.  They dont yet know where the bodies came from – Indo occupation? WWII? – but they hope to bring in forensics from Australia to work it out.

Hmmm…need to end with something happy.  We stopped by this beautiful lake a few weeks ago.  Stunningly peaceful with some beautiful bird life. 


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