Monday, July 16, 2012

Trouble in East Timor

Yesterday, CNRT, the party with the most votes decided that they wouldn’t form an alliance with Fretilin (traditionally the opposition).  Quite a number of Fretilin supporters were out on the streets last night.  There has been some gun fighting and killing.  We heard sporadic gun fire through to around 11.30 last night in our end of town.  Cars have been attacked by youths throwing rocks.  Baucau and Hera seem to have been worse. Although it is concerning it is by no means total chaos.  Children are still going to school and people are going to work.  Please pray that there would be peace here.  Pray also for the protection of individual people who might be travelling around.

We also pray for those countries, for example in the Middle East, where things are far worse at the moment.  Don’t forget those who face these issues around the world every day.

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