Monday, February 29, 2016

Progress of the 2nd Floor

The guys here are doing a great job with laying block on the second floor. They continue to use the new skills they learnt from the Darwin crew that came up a few weeks ago and their block laying keeps improving. If fact, many of their skills are improving as they think ahead to the next stages of construction.
View of the front - how very dull.

All the blocks on the second floor are now laid and they have fitted in most of the window timber work. This week they’ll be setting up to pour a beam of concrete around the top. 

Upstairs the loo is keen to be installed. 
A couple of Solar HWS I picked up for $15 each are in the background. Will they work?

Apoli and Benito install window timbers

The challenge is to get it all done by March 14th when another team of 3-4 Australians plan to come and put on the roof. This will be a metal kit roof from East Timor Roofing. With thanks to a kind donation we need only another $4000-$5000 AUD to complete the payment for the roof. If you have building skills and would like to join the team it would be greatly appreciated.

I also had “fun” putting up the curved ceiling in the main training centre. This is an experiment in curves which I like. Each curved sheet is 8m long and curved at 12m radius. 

It takes about 4 guys huffing and puffing to hold the sheet up to the ceiling and then I get around and screw it off as quickly and accurately as I can. The whole roof is feeling very strong and looking great. Next we put in holes for lights, fans and a data projector. Insulation will go on top and then another sheet of roofing. Very exciting and we like the cool echoes it makes from underneath. Anen would like to make his own curved roof when he gets a chance.

Anen worn out after putting up the ceiling.

A man and his cathedral.

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