Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mountains of Liquica

The warm humid month of January is over and all is well here in Timor-Leste. Easter must be a romantic time of year because we have 3 birthdays to celebrate in this month – Serenity, sweet 16, Israel, the big double digits and Xakira, a cute 3 year old. Kaiyil is a happy little chap now at 4 months and just learning push ups. Cynthia is bravely holding the fort together with the invaluable assistance of Emmy and Amy who has come from Australia to assist in home schooling.
We went on a trip to Bazartete in the mountains of Liquica this week. The mountains are very beautiful in the wet season.
a cool waterfall on the way from Bazartete to Liquica

Along the way, we stopped at a school with an awesome veggie garden and I just had to go and ask how they did it. The secret ingredient I think was a very humble nun from Japan. Then they also had some other key features like seed, water, fence and security.

The school in Bazartete

awesome vegetables are hard to grow

having a good fence to keep out cows is an essential ingredient

We happened to have a large water filter set with us so I gave it to the school so they would not need to keep boiling water.

Then we came down into Liquica and met with Adina and Ajina operating a small local mission in their part of town. We were able to provide them with a roll of chicken wire for use in making either a fence for a vegetable garden or a chicken pen. Thank you very much to a kind church in Grafton who has provided funds for 5 rolls of chicken wire to go to local pastors to assist them in their livelihoods.

The training centre is moving along and we have been able to pour the rest of the slab on the second floor. I look forward to working with 3 great men from Darwin this week to help us raise the walls on the training centre.

building the walls around the front of the centre

Preparing for the slab to be poured

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