Monday, December 26, 2011

oz and a reward

381717_192807094145681_127511660675225_387195_1913018846_n  We have returned to Australia for several weeks to try to sort out our stuff there.  We hope for God to do something amazing to help us continue to offer housing for people in need in Australia.  The women’s group in Belle Kria got back to the Sunset Fair on their own to 392077_192809520812105_127511660675225_387217_1541935781_ncontinue the stall (unknown to us).  It is exciting to see that they believe in the work with us not there.  Another surprise to see on the Sunset Fair Facebook site were pics of the girls with the stall they’d set up and receiving an award on the final night for “Creative Handcrafts”.
You can read more about this on the Bellekria website. 

We were also able to pass on about 15 cloth pads to Pastor Uli in Los Palos. She assists a number of families, and was able to explain the use and donate to a number of family groups.

While on news from Bellekria, here is a picture of Nona receiving a certificate for basic machine skills.  After 3 months of being in the team she has gone from not being able to sew or even hold scissors or use a ruler to now being able to cut out material and sew up a child’s dress.  She has her own personal issues to cope with.  For a time she was so depressed about the marriage she has been forced into that she went down to the beach and considered committing suicide.  The women were able to comfort her and provide support and something to look forward to in coming to work each day.
DSCF3246  DSCF3249
  Here are some pics of the last 2 weeks of the homeschool group.  One week was hosted by Angela (the
MAF wife, and she taught the kids how to create lovely christmas cards.
IMGP0344IMGP0354 IMGP0345
The last week (4 days before we came back to Oz) was my (Cynthia’s) turn to run a homeschooling afternoon.  I gave them some inspiration and they spent an hour creating a wonderful obstacle course in the front yard.  It included  coconut shell stepping stones, a rolly bamboo bridge, a rope swing “over a lake of lava” and speedy jigsaw code breaker.  They had lots of fun.
 DSCF3232 DSCF3234
Finally here is a little piture of us with Emmy, standing out the front of Sonrei House where we live.

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