Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rob at the Training Centre

We’ve had lots of visitors over the last week or so.  One of these was an old friend, Rob, and his lovely wife and daughter.  Rob is a wise builder filled with the spirit -  well that’s the way I describe him.  He also speaks Indonesian. 


Rob shows Amau how to check the slab height level.

He spared a couple of days with me to share a few skills on the building site.  Of course, I had great dreams of what we could accomplish in two days but it was not to be.  In the end, we put together a few window frames and laid half a slab.  But we nutted through a few issues on the site and came up with some ideas to try.  I now feel a little more confident to tackle a slab and we have a bit better plan about the second floor slab.  The building now has blocks laid up to the top of the first floor for the sewing room and kitchen. 


The sewing room of Bele Kria with lots of power points at waist height for sewing machines.


The kitchen end up to the final block level ready for the slab to go on top.

Around $8000USD have been donated toward this and I’ve burned through $17000 so far.  Its a bit scary.  I’m going to have to go over my estimates and see how I am travelling.  I still blindly believe God’s got this.

We love to have a brick layer up here in the near future and  someone who knows how to put on a roof.

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