Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gourmet Pizzas

We’ve just had the pleasure of a visit from an Australian family who live here in Dili who came over for some wood fired pizza.  They brought some gourmet toppings and we cooked some of the best pizzas ever.  This time Anton advised closing up the oven after getting it going.  It starved the fire of oxygen but I think it had the affect of creating more charcoal resulting in a longer burn so all the pizzas were done beautifully.


Anton and his gormet pizzas.


Serenity hanging out with Emily on our double decker hammock.

Being the international year of soil (you knew that didn’t you?) I’ve been tasked with preparing a soil map for the country.  Actually, the map was drawn about 40 years ago but I don’t think it has been used all that much since the map and associated info has been published in a book in Portugal.  These days, mapping and analysis happens on a computer so the challenge is to get it all working on computer.  The digitisation was done by someone else … in fact, what bit am I doing? o yeah, the colouring in at the end.  Well someone’s got to take the glory for it.


The Bele Kria end of the training centre is up to about 6 blocks high. 

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