Sunday, March 15, 2015


Things have not gone so well with Cynthia’s health at the start of the pregnancy.  I’ve had to take her back to Australia to try to figure out what is wrong.  Its a luxury we have of being able to hop on a plane and be back in the fancy world within 24hrs. Amazing.  After doing time in a couple of hospitals and all the associated tests, the doctors cant really figure it out.  I think its a combination of a weak heart, the pregnancy, wet season humidity and a thatched roof.  While it seems romantic, living under thatch can be quite stuffy with a lot of things floating around (and climbing around).  I stayed a week with Cynthia attending a very sad funeral and getting a rough fever for 5 days (its a Timorese thing).  Now I am back in Timor and Cynthia and the family are in Australia.  And frankly, I’m feeling a bit down and lonely.  I get to do some navel gazing too and at the end of the day I am here because of God, to serve Him, to love Him and to show others His love.  There’s plenty of opportunity for that and I am thankful to God for this.  But I am still sad to be apart from my family.  Cynthia is showing signs of improvement and maybe by Easter she can return but that would make me nervous because the wet season would not be finished.

On another note, that little “uprising” is still bubbling away in the east.  A grenade was lobbed at the car of the president of the parliament the other night in Baguia injuring some of his assistants.  Some houses were burnt and other things.  Apart from that though things are well and the corn is growing well and we all look forward to the harvest.

We are clearing the land for the training centre and putting in an electricity pole before digging the trenches for the foundations.

The other night we got to have a little “Graduation Ceremony” for the 5 students who completed our first Leadership Bible Course.  It was a great night of testimony and very encouraging.

  P3090162 (2304 x 1728)

Although there were only 5 who completed it, some of them have great influence to many people as they lead home group meetings.  And during the course, one of the students (no. 6)was promoted to lay pastor out in Los Palos.  We are now gearing up to run the course again this year.  Pray that we can double our success rate.

P3070161 (1728 x 2304)

Me, all alone, a lone, lonely, loner.

Winking smile

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Every Village said...

That's a great "selfie" Samuel! And some nice positioning of the Salvo's logo in the background! ;-) Hoping you all can be back together lickety split and all healthy again. You guys are an amazing family and an inspiration to us! Much love to you all.
Paula and Perry.