Sunday, January 25, 2015


The big news this week is that Cynthia is pregnant! That will bring our tally up to four. The first three are rip-snorter specimens so I hope that number four follows suite. You can’t get too confident though. If my maths is right I also think it means we’ve contributed to a doubling of the world’s population. However if you include our siblings into the picture it’s still an overall decline in the population. So no biggy. We receive what the good Lord gives. It is quite difficult for Cynthia though because of a leaky valve in her heart so she’s pretty short on breath but still coping (just).

I’ve finished drawing the Beto Training Centre.  It’s a rather ambitious project that I’ve been musing over for a good 18months or more. I’m still not exactly sure if I should proceed but then I’m not exactly sure about a lot of things these days. Here it is…


This is the first floor, its got several snazzy features:

1. Large sewing room for Bele Kria

2. Shop front for Bele Kria sales and other items

3. Reception for the whole centre including handling sales for Bele Kria

4. Large training and meeting room – multi-purpose space

5. Kitchen for daily use of staff as well as trainees

6. Office for administration

7. Small library and study space.

8. Sound room for recording local music.

9. Bathroom, shower, toilet (extra facilities including laundry located in separate building at back)

Then the top floor looks like this:


1. Dorm 1: Accommodation for up to 8 women – designed for women in need, or young women coming to Dili for study. Women will be trained in sewing, design and hospitality and assist in the operation of the centre.

2. Bed 1: Bedroom for staff member caring for women.

3. Unit 1: Unit for foreign volunteer assisting with operations

4. Dorm 2: Dorm for visiting teams to sleep 12 – either foreigners from overseas or local people from the mountains coming to receive training.

5. Unit 2: Separate unit accessed from outside centre. Designed to be a source of income to help in paying for operation of the centre such as food, electricity and maintenance.

So there you have it.  We could do with some help on this one.  My neighbour just scored two loos for $25 each so it looks like we are on our way.  I am interested in sourcing some specific materials from Oz for this such as quality louvers and some regular door handles, and taps and sinks – the sorts of things that are difficult to find here.  Let me know if you’ve got ideas.

Looks like we’ll be preggas with activity this year.

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