Friday, May 7, 2010

Teaching maths

Samuel had a weeks work teaching some maths to some agriculture staff working for Seeds of Life (see links page).

Some of the staff went from late year 6 level to perhaps year 9 and above.  It was lots of fun teaching them.  Since they were ag scientists studying peanuts - we got to eat a few peanuts to demonstrate % of crop lost.  Great to get a paying job as we were living on the edge last week.
Interestingly, across the road from this building was a massive government warehouse filled with rice.  The villagers can pay $12 a sack to their chief and supposedly the government will deliver the rice.  This is about their 4th week of waiting.  The rice seems to only get delivered to businesses to resell to the people at $15 a sack.  All this rice is imported from Indonesia.  Hmmm...

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