Friday, May 7, 2010

Bathroom delight!

Well i typed this up on the 19th April, and today is the first time the internet has worked well for me, so i thought id stick it up after i added some photos to the last post.

I felt quite enthused by a lovely first-day-of-term schooling experience so as a treat I thought I would devote some time to scrubbing the toilet floor tiles. You may have seen how stained they were on a previous photo.

I had found some bleach on the weekend and was keen to get stuck into it. Over1 hour later I was exhausted, sweating profusely and mildly affected by the bleach fumes – with barely anything to show for it! The bleach didn’t seem to work!

 I was devastated! Here is this disgusting bathroom and I have to live with it and be embarrassed when visitors come…cant we just re-tile the whole thing? Put in a new toilet, and while we are at it lets just rebuild the whole bathroom? This house is stupid! Do I have to live here? (by now I am crying – well I am a woman after all…) Samuel had returned from a frustrating paper chase in Dili, to find me sprawled on our bed upstairs, physically and emotionally wrecked. Poor Guy, God bless him. He patiently listened to my various complaints, then headed down to have a turn at scrubbing.
A few minutes later he called me downstairs.

Wouldn’t you know it? The tiles were sparkling clean!!! ARGHH (insert mixed thoughts here)

However it wasn’t a case of “a mans stronger”, It turns out that the other Indonesian cleaning product I bought (expecting it to be disinfectant) is a super toxic tile renewal formula! Just pour it on, watch it sizzle and wipe off the stains!

WOW! Maybe some of those tv adds are true! Ill have to bring a bottle of this stuff home to Australia...

So I guess I can stay here after all… at least for a little while. ;)

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