Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Family Fun

We recently did a trip to Ossu staying at a hotel at Loihuno. On the way are old Japanese caves built in World War 2 and rice fields being planted. 

There is a very nice river running through the limestone hills with cool rock formations. 

The highlight was climbing up through a tunnel in the rock and jumping off a 5 m cliff back down to the water. 
Serenity flying through the air.

On the way back we explored the slopes of Manatuto where there are interesting gypsum crystal formations.

Fossicking in Manatuto.

Strange crystal formations sparkle in the sunlight.

Kaiyil is beefing up and growing quickly. He has 4 teeth and enjoys standing up.

Israel got a bunch of nits and conceded to cutting off his locks to reveal a handsome young man.


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