Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting back into the Game

After 3 weeks in Oz, we have returned to Timor Leste.  For some reason, I found this place to be so stinking hot that I wondered what the heck we’re doing here.  One of those mini-philosphical crises that I try to mostly ignore seemed to become a little stronger.  Possibly related to a very nice and cool late autumn experience in Oz.  Anyway, back to the game at hand … homeschooling is on while managing bub and Cynthia does a fine job.  She also manages to run a weekly art class heartily attended by homeschoolers from various nationalities – Brazil, Canada, America, Kenya and Australia.  2013-05-16 16.35.33 (600 x 450)

Belle Kria managed to finish a large order of bags for Seeds of Life research department for drying corn seed.  They also arranged the invoicing and receipt of payment – this is a big step as the sort of Timorese we work with are quite shy about walking into a large, sophisticated organisation to request payment.  They’ve also made some very colourful cushion covers using locally woven tais material sewed onto colourful cotton material.  If anyone wants a bright set of cushion covers made with love from Timor Leste just let us know.  ($15 each)

2013-05-22 21.29.46

We’ve just passed another independence day – 20th of may, 11 years old.  You know you’ve made it as a nation when you’ve got (seriously, took a while!).  People are very happy generally.  The locals are enjoying volleyball and tug-o-war competitions.  The government is just about to open a big bridge of the main river in Dili and test runs are happening for a big fountain near the airport (all very important stuff).

2013-05-22 17.49.38

We’ve got access to possibly another 800 scriptures which we think are all Acts (had been hiding in someone’s shed in Dili) and Bibles are getting out on the move again.  Here’s Joseph, my new friend from Kenya getting a couple of boxes of Bibles.  He also gets a laptop to go towards his computer classes with uni students.


Xakira and dad doing laps in the back yard.


Serenity and dad doing laps on the Gold Coast.  Life’s all about how many swims you can put in.

2013-05-01 07.48.20

Israel going driving in Noonamah during our overnight in Darwin.  Needless to say the further you get from civilisation, the lower the standards for vehicle registration.  Israel is the lighting operator – convenient as an interior light for map reading or spotting possums in the Top End bush.  He wears a seat belt not to prevent him going through the windscreen (there is none) but so he doesn’t fall out where the door should be.

2013-05-07 20.06.11

This little beast does actually go.

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