Thursday, April 25, 2013

A new car for Branca!

1-new car (2)Finally Branca gets a new car!  I first heard that she seriously wanted to upgrade her car in late 2011.  She said she needed $10000 so we hatched a plan where I would ask for some help with donations, sell our small truck and put the money together for her in exchange for her old red hilux.  It sounded like a win win.  Local churches back in Australia each contributed a bit and we sold the old blue dyna (it had serious engine issues from overheating).  Then we waited … and waited … and waited … 18 months.  In the end we got tired of waiting (and not having a vehicle) and bought a great wall ute from Australia (more on that soon).  We decided that we would just hand Branca $5000 and she could sell the red hilux herself to raise another $5000.  We are happy to announce that we have handed $5000 to Branca last week and she was able to buy a brand new dual cab hilux (obviously with a little more dosh).  She plans to pay it off over 6 months.  So I am very happy for Branca as she does a great job running a clinic, centre for people with disabilities, church and Bible study and doing lots of cool stuff.  Our Great Wall ute is on the docks in Dili and we hope to get it soon.

I would just like to say thanks to those who gave all that time ago and thankyou for your patience. 

God is good.

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