Monday, October 15, 2012

War Games

Over the last week or so the US Navy has been doing some training with the Timorese Army.  This has meant a lot of helicopters and other strange machines such as massive hovercrafts and ferries etc.  All of these things somehow launch out of a big mother ship.  Very interesting for us and very strange for the Timorese (and bringing back some memories for them)

ferry This ferry is carrying vehicles which it can transfer to the beach.  Soldiers are sitting in the back truck fishing off the back of the ferry.

 hovercrafthovercraft small 

The hovercraft was very noisy and a strange looking beast – bit of a technological leap from the dugout canoes in the foreground.  Why are there such differences between two nations?


Big fancy US helicopters which can carry vehicles and other gear to deliver out the back.


All this stuff comes out of the mother ship – you can see one of the helicopters sitting on the back.

I’ll think again before I declare war on these guys – I guess thats partly what its about – showing off the toys!

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