Friday, August 5, 2011

Visitors and new friends

Well we met some very lovely people last month.  Here are some pics of the most recent.  Serenity and Israel loved having children visit.  Serenity and Lynise helping out in the kitchen.
DSCN2759 - CopyKeith loves fishing.  Here he is one night on our beach showing Israel how its done.And these are some fish that were caught in the sea out from us.  Unfortunately, Keith didn't catch these. :)
DSCN2765 - CopyDSCN2774 - Copy   This is Alan teaching Israel how to play beach cricket…. With a length of bamboo as the bat….oops it was a bit slippery.     
We took them along to the small home church we attend.  The family currently hosting it just happen to live in “The” most prestige housing complex.   We all walk through it in amazement…ooh ahhh.  kerbing and guttering!  It is quite disturbing though.  Hard to reconcile with what's outside the gates….
 DSCN2802 DSCN2803   
Here they all are having a blast in the tray of the truck.
And just cause he is cute…. the girls were making pom poms and israel turned his into a tail! LOL
  DSCN2947  DSCN2950 DSCN2951
Just to show you that we do manage to fit in a bit of normalish life.  At least me (Cynthia) and the kids do anyway.

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arlene said...

wow israel has lost all his hair!! looking pretty sharp young man. good to see them having all sorts of fun.