Friday, April 8, 2011

A Turning Tide

When we lived on the Clarence River the tide would go out and come back in each day.  At the very lowest point, the mighty river came to a stop.  If you saw it for the first time you might be tempted to think, “What’s going to happen now?!” It is a moment in time that may not last long but its a powerful moment when it happens.  And then, the tide turns, slowly at first, it begins to flow back.  Thats what it feels like for us.  A very dark and low moment in our lives has happened.  We did not know what would follow but it seems like little by little things are looking up.  We have lots of opportunities to help folks out here and encourage them.  Things are still simple, difficult and tight but Samuel has had work all week and has even put together a business card to pass around (very professional!)
Bellekria (The sewing project) has had an exciting order of 50 bags from a lady in Darwin. Sinta and Cynthia were discussing how much fabric to buy to make up the remaining bags, and realised they had enough already in store to make all but 10, which means less outlay.  Cynthia also received an exciting offer from the lovely specialist fabric shop in Brisbane.  They have offered her a bulk amount of odds and ends (perfect for small projects like cloth pads) at a greatly reduced price.  Its all stored in New Zealand, and will save them hours of measuring and listing each small piece on their internet shop if she buys it all.  So far she has $240 donated to purchase this fabric. Very exciting.

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