Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Wing and a Prayer

It seems as though the time has come for us to return to East Timor.  It has been 4 months now since we came back to Australia - 4 grueling months.  I could possibly say that this has been one of the most difficult times in our life.  We have gone from one demanding struggle to another.  Samuel works stupidly long hours yet has not been in a full time paid job for over a year.  Our financial planning has gone unbelievably pear shaped and we are desperately poor.  We now have no car (since Samuel rolled it) and have not had our own house to live in (been bunking in with the in-laws.  Because of all this we feel we must get a job and try to get out of the hole we (or more appropriately - Samuel) have created.  So we plan to return with barely enough money on a credit card to buy 1 one way tickets to East Timor.  We are not really sure if we'll have enough money to get
through the next lot of bills coming our way but we do have something to look forward to  - a job interview!  I know its not much, but they say Samuel is on the short list and the interview is in East Timor.  To say we are going out on a limb is a bit of an understatement - the limb has already broken and we are plummeting into the abyss.  What we need is some wings and a prayer.  Its a nice image when you think of our little family rising out of the darkness in the safe hands of a God who catches us - if He does.  You know what He's like though, a little on the mysterious side and He is prone to teaching lessons.  So I don't know how its going to go but I do think we should go.  Its a destiny thing.

Please note that the above whining is definitely not intended to make anyone feel sorry for us and donate some money.  What it is about is telling a story so that if God rescues us in some incredible way you can go, "Wow, thats so cool!"  Alternatively, if God doesn't exist, doesn't care or is busy doing more important things and we go splat on the abyss floor then you can say, "The idiots, I hope Samuel will finally learn his lesson!"  So this is just for your entertainment, but feel free to pray for us.

What's this?  A bush you say?  No!  This was our home - an igloo made from straw bales.  We used to live here with our little 12V power system and bucket loo.  Now its overgrown with vines.  Sniff, sniff.

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