Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Accommodation Project

Like every body else on this planet, we don't actually have a singularly obsessive focus on one thing i.e. East Timor.  I am not sure whether this is good or bad, but I know that it is exhausting.  Two years ago, I hatched a dastardly plan to try to help my father find a better place to live.  I got a teaching job for a year (which is another story) and found that I could get a loan to buy a house.  Loans are scary things and one of the major means by which we are trapped into a rather less-than-spontaneous mode of living otherwise known as "the rut".  So, in order to avoid the rut, we bought a house with the plan to build a second house with the idea that they could both support the now too-big-to-mention loan and my dad could live for free on the land.  Sounds noble, but in reality, psychotic.  The whole thing grew into a voluminous financial and bureaucratic mess.  Step in, God, please.
The new house we are trying to build.
So God decides to rock up on the scene of this disaster around June, 2010, halfway through our stint in East Timor.  True to form, he took all our stuff and is trying to turn it around for good.  We were approached by an organisation who would like to take on the two houses and use them to accommodate needy people.  The hope is that it will pay for itself and we can return to what we do in East Timor.  To make this a reality I need to work my little butt off and get the new house finished.  In the back of my head I am trying to remember that it is God who builds things and that I must trust in him.

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