Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Heading Home

We have just a few days in East Timor left.  We are looking forward to heading back to Australia although the feelings are a bit mixed.  It has been a very hard time for us in the last month or so.  We look to God to give us strength and wisdom. 

Thanks for those who post a comment - we do read them its just we dont know how to respond.

Cynthia continues to get requests in her sewing group.  The latest one being a set of cloth books for literacy in a library in Gleno.  Very exciting but the range of materials here is limited to cheap, plasticky stuff (I once worked as a fashion designer in France so I should know).

The party by the Church is lingering on - it seems they just love to dance the night away.  The main show moved to the next suburb.  It was stormed by a not very smart machete wielding drunk who took a swipe at a few peolpe for some reason.  Then he took off leaving his very new looking car behind to get completely trashed by the mob that was there for the mass cum dance thing.  A few different riot police gangs showed up along with some Timorese Police - decked out in full black with balaclavas and a rifle with scope they looked more like assassins than peace keepers.  I hoped this would partially justify my anger at the strange arrangement around the Youth Cross but the Timorese logic seemed to flow in quite the opposite direction as they began to think that the solution to all this would be to block the road with bigger logs.  Oh well. 

I am finding it really hard to get men to work in construction.  Makes it hard to feel sorry for some people who cry poor.  But God has been kind and gracious with us, especially me and my attempt to save the world before the end of the week.  I wonder if He finds it amusing.  I have dropped just about everything to try to get these investment units done which should provide income for a couple of poor families.  My work team seems to dwindle every day but we press on and with just 4 days left we have hope that we might just make it.  I still need to install my home made solar hot water system and install two solar systems, finish off the waste water, earthworks, touch up, windows, blah blah blah.  I will try to post a pic of the finished product.  I will also try to get out to Beraka and do a few other things  along the way (yeah right)

Israel loves his new found skill of riding a push bike. He loves burning around the sea side tracks.  Serenity is really coming along with her reading and starting to read books for her own enjoyment rather than for school.  Woohoo!

I'm pretty tired, I think I'll go home now.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear about Serenity's reading, maybe she could whisper a little in Sophie's ear?

Hope you make it to the end of the week with much success in what you want to achieve. Next week you can take a well earned, quiet(!) rest and take a moment to catch up with yourselves.

We are looking forward to seeing you all.

:-) Missy

Anonymous said...

If you meant by dont know how to respond - that you dont technically know how to respond - there is a little box that comes out in a seperate screen you can respond to us that way. If you meant that you dont know how to respond because you really arent sure what to say, then please disregard my assistance intended for the IT challenged.. *chuckles*

I was having a good giggle when you stated 'especially me and my attempt to save the world before the end of the week. I wonder if He finds it amusing.'
I have a bit of an issue with trying to save the world, and all the people I come across in it.. even when they don't need saving!... *lopsided grin*
God must be especially patient with me to allow it to go for so long!

I hope you got the majority of what you needed to get done, done before you returned here to Australia.

I will pray, that those you are trying to teach skills that will enable them to become leaders and contributors in their communities have more enthusiasm about helping themselves!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!