Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Born to be Wild

Pastor Samuel with some of the boys and their corn field in the background.

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We have had the pleasure of a visit from Nick, a helicopter pilot from Darwin.  While he was here he was also able to take a 3 wheeled motorbike to Los Palos to deliver to Pastor Samuel.  This was an epic 8 hour journey on rough roads.  The Nazarene Church in Los Palos will use this vehicle to assist them in their ministry taking teams to house churches, take youth out to the farm to work the fields and be available to move supplies such as the harvest, manure, building materials and groceries (not all at the same time though).  This 3 wheeler has a tray on the back which is about 1m wide by 1.4m long, all the sides drop down and the whole thing can tilt up to tip out a load.  It can take about 6-8 Timorese on the back.  We hope that it will be very useful for them.  Our sincere thanks to God and The Salvation Army in Parramatta Corps.
Nick testing the beast before the journey to Los Palos
Helping the boys clear around the fence at the corn field in Los Palos

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