Friday, May 10, 2013

The Great Oz

We’ve just had three great weeks in Australia.  The first thing we had to do in Australia was to say goodbye to Bethany.

Bethany had just finished high school last year and was brave enough to come to Timor Leste for 3 months to assist Cynthia in teaching the kids.  Bethany arrived in Timor Leste just before the birth of Xakira and was an invaluable help in continuing the home schooling while Cynthia recovered from giving birth.  She became a part of our family.  Perhaps the funniest development out of this was an entertaining style of mail whereby correspondents would communicate on very thin square sheets while meditating upon the throne.  We would like to thank Bethany for coming over and wish her all the best in the future!

In Oz we got to spend time with our family including Tim and Eliza who are dedicated YWAMers stopping over on their way from Scotland to America (must have got lost like only YWAMers can do).  We also spent time with other family members who I’ll neglect to mention so as not to avoid offence of the sort that they’d rather omit to deny.

 IMGP2106 (600 x 450) dolphin stand

We got to go to Sea World too which was really fun.  Emmy, the Timorese girl came with us to Oz and her one request was to see dolphins doing tricks.  I was at pains to explain that I thought we’d already seen heaps of dolphins doing tricks crossing the sea to the island that she comes from.  But no, Sea World had to be on the list of things to do.  She was amazed to see dolphins and humans working together and leaping out of the pool – spectacular really.  I was just stunned by the jet ski show where one bloke strapped a couple of jets to his back and took off into the air.  Like all incredible ideas, I would have thought of it first, given the opportunity.  Not to be outdone, I showed my son how to drive a truck and fly a plane.

IMGP2201plane lessons 


Coming back to Timor Leste was great for Emmy but a struggle for us.  We  find ourselves wondering what we are doing in this stinking hot place of dust, mozzies and disgruntled traffic.  The great Oz looks very enticing from over here but I am sure these pining thoughts will fade away, especially if God has anything to do with it.


Various nutritious meals in Oz…

IMGP2115fairy floss

 IMGP2157ice cream

 IMGP2161 little girls

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