Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sorting through Stuff


We have been getting a number of donations of materials lately from a number of different sources.  All this stuff needs to be stored and sorted and packed for delivery to a destination where it can be of most benefit.  Sometimes its time consuming, heavy and dirty work.  But sorting coloured pencils is fun.  Our house looks a bit more like a storage area sometimes with lots of stuff coming and going. 

Israel and seed

We have also been receiving seed prepared in Los Palos as part of a small business agricultural project.  The challenge is to find ways of marketing farmers produce so that they can derive an income.  This is connected with the silo project last year and part of the income from sales of seed is used to repay the cost of the silo.  It is hoped that we can then use that to buy another silo and continue the process.  Its about sustainable development rather than handouts.



Tobias has been a faithful worker.  Besides running the boat trade route he gains employment doing odd jobs that I come across and assists me in various ways on our projects.  Here he is learning some metal work modifying electrical fuse boxes to secure electrical components of weather stations.  Learning how to punch a hole in metal, control the speed and pressure of the drill and avoid snapping the drill bit is all a bit of a challenge.  You cant be too precious about tools in this country as they get a hammering from learning hands.


samuel and donations

Books, pencils, clothes, first aid kits and medical supplies being delivered.

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